Monday, 16 June 2014

SoundCloud - Best of justinsane (Audio)

Best of Justinsane & ManiaxUnltd Music & Audio.

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Introduction - Poppa Cherry

Welcome to! I am “Poppa Cherry!!

Jk.. #iamJustinsane.. One of the Main Members of #DrunkNPublic.. #TheRealJustinsane Creator of #ManiaxUnltd.. The guy who does #AdamatiumBeats or #BeatsByJustinsane.. #Justinsanity who did all the work for #DipsomaniacTV and got shit on lol.. But for some reason People call me Bob.. #SideshowBob.. Mb cuz of my hair lol >>>
Justinsane Profile Pics 001

I Write Rhymes,  Spit Freestyles, Battle MC’s, Dance (Sort of), Strip (for Women ONLY!!), Perform Live, DJ, Beat Box, Compose Instrumentals, Record Vocals, Mix Audio, Arrange Tracks, Draw, Paint,  Draft Logo’s, Design & Animate Graphics, Act (in Porn), Direct, Shoot & Edit Photo or Video, Build Websites, Manage, Promote and Host Shows and more!!

From “Well dressed CEO” to “Rock Bottom Loser in A Wife Beater” to “Independent Male Stripper” I do it all… By myself.. Mostly lol. - Home Welcome Home.. SPLASH!!! – Introduction

Introduction - Poppa Cherry